You May Have a Royalty or Cash Due You.
'Finding the Royalties That You Have Earned'


This Agreement, (“Agreement”) is made and entered on the date set forth below by and between Royalty Locator, Inc.  (“Company”) and _____________________________ (“Client”).

1. Client employs Company as his/her true and lawful attorney to:
(a.) research and identify royalties due to client, collect, accept and receive for Client from Company/Payer  all royalties, sums of monies, accounts, property, and /or other consideration (“Consideration”) as are now, or shall hereafter become due, owing, payable or belonging to Client and for to which I may be entitled or obtain an interest in as disclosed herein below. (b.) have, use and take all lawful actions, ways and means in my name or otherwise for the collection and recovery of such Consideration; and (c.) adjust, compromise and agree for same, and to deliver for me and on my behalf and in my name all releases, waivers, receipts or other such sufficient discharge for the same.

2. Company has no authority whatsoever to cause Client to be obligated or liable to any third party for any sums of money or otherwise.

3. As compensation for the services of Company,  Client hereby agrees to pay  Company _____________%  of the Consideration, identified, recovered, received and/or obtained by Company or by Client as (Fees), and agrees to allow the company to use client‘s name as a reference on website. The Company shall have a Lien upon all such Consideration.

4.  In cases where the Payer forwards payment to Company,  Client does hereby authorize Company at Company’s sole option, to withhold and pay from any such Consideration collected or obtained, the agreed to Fees where applicable.  In cases where the Payer forwards payment to the Client, Client agrees to remit Company’s fees within seven (7) days of receipt along with an accounting for same.

5. Company accepts employment on the condition that if it appears to be a recoverable claim, Company will proceed to handle same; provided however, that if at any time Company in its sole discretion determines that pursuit and collection of Consideration shall not be feasible, Company is entitled to cease pursuit of collection without any further liability or obligation to Client.

6. Any claims or litigation pertaining to or arising from this Agreement or the dealings between Company and Client shall be governed by Tennessee law and held in a Court located in Shelby County, Tennessee.

7. Company/Payer to which this Agreement pertains:  (Optional)


8. Specific Consideration to which this agreement pertains__________________________________________________________________________

COMPANY:                          CLIENT:
6025 Stage Road, Suite 42-201
Bartlett, TN 38134 

BY:                               BY:

______________________________                           _________________________________
Richard Plass

Sworn to and subscribed before me this _______________day of ______ 20___

Teresa Belue (Notary Public)