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You May Have a Royalty or Cash Due You.
'Finding the Royalties That You Have Earned' 


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In all honesty the process of finding royalties due to you is a simple one.  It can be however a very time consuming and frustrating process.  We can save you the time, effort, and the frustration in locating royalties by performing the search for you. When your royalties are found we process the forms necessary to claim the royalties due you now and in the future.  There is no charge if we are unable to find any funds due you.
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Major record companies are holding over 50 million dollars in “unclaimed” royalties.

"Performance Rights Organizations are holding royalties for literally thousands of musicians, songwriters, producers, record labels, session musicians, television and movie actors and many others in the entertainment industry.  The amount of money being held by the various organizations isn't published nor is the amount owed to individuals.

Oil and gas companies hold royalties in suspense.  If not claimed over a period of time these royalties are classified as “abandoned”.  In 2004 the federal government paid over $541 million dollars to 36 states for gas and oil royalties.  Much of that money remains “unclaimed”.  We are in the business of finding royalties due to thousands of people from various sources and assisting those people in their efforts to obtain the money that they are owed.